The key to our quality depends on the importance we put on specialties. It is nothing to buy or find in a shop. It has been gained through experiences and by years. From the very beginning, Nuna established its structure considering specialties. Today we proved we were not wrong by the quality of our projects. We have experiences in wide range of industries. Our specialties are:

  • Software and IT
  • Telecommunications
  • Consumer electronics
  • Marketing and HR
  • Healthcare
  • Websites
  • Legal translation

Software & IT

Nuna Localization considers software localization projects as more than just translation projects but as Projects of adaptation of software from source language to the target language that also take into consideration cultural and linguistic characteristics. For this reason we aim to complete software projects with regard to the cultural and linguistic characteristics of the target language. There are also collaborative processes in the Project workflow such as testing and desktop publishing.

Software localization is more than just a simple work of translation, requiring processes such as analyzing materials, creating terminology memories and terminology glossaries in order to ensure consistency in future projects, creating style guides for the purpose of standardizing translation style and linguistic characteristics, Quality and Testing and bug fixes on post-translation.

These mentioned processes distinguish Localization Projects from any simple translation. The complete execution of these steps allows for a consistent and accurate localization in parallel with the developing software applications. During the management of these inconsistent processes, Nuna Localization excels ahead of the competition with its localization team.

Consumer Electronics

The range of electronic devices we currently use are quite different from the ones we used a while ago. From DVD Players to iPods, to DVD Recorders, to plasma TVs, to digital cameras and new generation smartphones, a lot of new products are introduced to the market one after another, which even the wildest imagination could not have guessed 20 years ago. For all those new products, the technologies and terminologies utilized throughout the processes of invention, manufacturing, and technical support are rapidly changing as well. Another area that needs to adapt in this constant change is translation. Wherever the place of origin is, those innovations are diffused to every corner of the world in a single day. Therefore, even the slightest ambiguity or mislead within the stage of translation could lead to devastating costs to remediate on the overall process.

As Nuna, we offer our clients translation services on consumer electronics with our specialized team of translators and editors. Throughout the whole process, Nuna keeps and maintains the confidentiality of your corporate terminology with utmost importance, utilizing the most up-to-date platforms and systems to translate and edit your documentation on a centralized and secure location, as well as to store them. No matter how large the volume of documentation is, we are able to access all of your previously translated texts within seconds, ensuring that your engineers, designers, and marketers get accurate, consistent and high quality consumer electronics translation in a rapid manner.


Nuna Localization has been giving medical translation service to the health and care institutions with its specialized translators, interpreters and editors on the issue since it has been founded. We all are conscious of the tremendous responsibility to give medical translation service and to be expert on it. Nuna Localization employs its translators, interpreters and editors with high sense of responsibility, and sensitivity with utmost priority. With the support of the latest innovative devices, our translators, interpreters and editors can access all possible high technology specifically in terms of terminology and memory required. We have been giving medical translation support to many different world wide leading conglomerates and corporate such as Siemens, Philips, J&J, Varian & Elekta, Depuy, Outcome.

Medical devices, instruction manuals, medical software programs, clinical researches, license and copyright translations, medical papers, advertisement brochures are among the works of Nuna Localization medical translation support team is specialized on.


Thanks to using the latest localization technology and mature localization process, combined with our experienced professional staff, we pay close attention to the cultural appropriation of your content so that we make sure your website is not just translated but localized in the best possible way for you to succeed in your target market. Facebook, PayPal, iStockphoto, Cisco, and Toyota are just a few examples that trusted us for their website localizations. You can also trust us for all your website localization needs. At Nuna, we are able to work with all CAT tools for linguistic quality; multi-format support (HTML, ASP, PHP, Flash, etc.); multi-platform support (Windows, Linux, UNIX, etc.); and multimedia support for graphics, audio and video to provide the best website localization solution.

Marketing, HR & E-learning

We are aware of the fact that marketing, human resources and e-learning materials need to be translated with taking into account cultural aspects of the target audience and special care must be taken when adapting these materials for local markets.

For international corporations, cultural adaptation of the messages addressed to both external and internal clients can be ensured only by expert native translators with a thorough knowledge of the target audience.

At Nuna, we successfully translate catalogues, leaflets, brochures, press releases, e-mails, websites, internal communication and training materials and e-learning suites for several local and global companies.

Legal Translation

As law is a culture-dependent subject field, legal translation is not a simple task and only professional translators specializing in legal translation should translate legal documents. So to be acquainted with native language, culture and professional terminology is essential for legal translations. Legal translation may also involve Trusts, Wills, Articles of Incorporation, Litigation Documents, Immigration Documents, Property/Exhibit Labels, and Signatory Circulars.